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In challenging economic times, businesses rely on innovative and strategic solutions to maintain a competitive edge foster resiliency, and focus on growth opportunities. At WeiserMazars, our Financial Advisory Services’ team works closely with you in every step of transaction advising on operational efficiencies and impactful regulatory changes. Our skilled professionals offer extensive experience and support in complex forensic investigations and dispute resolutions, mergers and acquisitions, workout and insolvency, valuations of various business interest and financial instruments, and collateral and financial review for companies seeking working capital through debt or equity.

We value our clients and strive to keep them informed with timely and accurate advice to keep them one step ahead of the game.

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Michael Bernstein
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Our Financial Advisory Services Include:

Corporate Advisory and Restructuring

Our corporate advisory and restructuring experts work hand-in-hand with you to solve your complex business and financial issues by implementing focused and achievable strategies.
We thoroughly review the circumstances of each case, examine vital information, uncover facts, develop case theories and evaluate alternative hypotheses to offer the guidance, expert opinions, and testimony that best support your particular interests.
Transaction Services

Throughout the lifecycle of a transaction, private equity firms, hedge funds, and corporations need timely advice and insight to help maximize value, mitigate risk, and make informed investment decisions.
Services to Lenders

Our focus is to gain an understanding of the borrower and the lender’s collateral through analytical analysis, transaction testing, and management inquiries. We are committed to a quick turnaround time and fast deployment of professionals for immediate assistance.

We perform valuations of public and closely-held business entities, intellectual property and other intangible assets, common and preferred stock, partnership interests, debt, options, warrants, and other derivative financial instruments.

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