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Are you prepared for the conversion to International Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS")? There are things you can do now to make your transition to IFRS easier and save you money.

WeiserMazars professionals are experienced in helping private and public companies convert to IFRS, in acting as auditors to companies reporting under IFRS, and in consulting to companies who are required to report under IFRS. Over the last several years, our professionals have been on IFRS convergence assignments in the U.S. and abroad. WeiserMazars has led the charge by launching an IFRS Desk – a special client hotline, specifically aimed at helping you get answers to your IFRS questions.

WeiserMazars services multinational companies on IFRS matters including:

  • Evaluation of the impact of IFRS on your company's financial statements
  • Plan development for the implementation of IFRS
  • Assistance in the transition phase to IFRS (also called First Time Application)
  • Training under IFRS
  • Technical support for IFRS
  • Auditing of financial statements prepared under IFRS

Bridging the GAAP is a jointly published newsletter by WeiserMazars LLP and Moss Adams LLP, all member firms of Praxity. The newsletter provides current and accurate information on IFRS that will be useful with the potential coming changes in accounting standards. Each issue offers information and insight on issues and challenges faced by companies when they transition to IFRS and how to tackle them.





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