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The current state of the economy has captivated the attention of business leaders across the world. It is essential to remain focused on the mandatory reporting requirements that public companies must adhere to, including the preparation of quarterly, annual, and periodic forms and statements.

Beyond the corporate and tax implications arising from the public sale of company debt or equity, we can help you manage and assess the relative merits and drawbacks of a public offering.

Services offered to public companies (accelerated and non-accelerated filers) include:

  • IPOs and public offerings, including comfort letters
  • Assistance with registration statements
  • Compliance filings such as:
  • Annual reports
  • Form 10Ks
  • Form 10Qs
  • Proxy statements
  • Mergers and acquisitions related to or converted into public entities including SPACS and reverse mergers
  • Financial statement audit preparation services
  • Section 404 – Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
  • Representation before the SEC at pre- and/or post-filing conferences
  • Assistance for international audit firms to be recognized by the SEC
  • Tax law compliance
  • PCAOB standards compliance




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