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WeiserMazars is committed to protecting the intellectual assets of our clients by providing royalty and contract compliance services. With a staff of fully dedicated forensic experts working in tandem with our compliance staff, we produce value-added results that ensure you are collecting all the royalties owed you through your license.

We develop efficient, effective, and comprehensive compliance solutions, tailored to the specifics of each situation. Our approach ensures clients maximize their licensing/participation royalties and profits while preserving their licensing/partnering relationships. Through our ability to uncover missing royalties amounts due, we enhance the value of our clients’ intellectual property and serve as a profit center.

WeiserMazars provides a full range of specialized compliance services that include:

Development of a comprehensive royalty and contract compliance program

  • Identify problem licensee/partners and/or design a weighted licensee selection process that conforms with your compliance objectives and budget
  • Develop examination programs and strategies

Conduct royalty compliance examinations

  • Identify underreported royalties, franchise fees, profits, and participations
  • Identify other material deviations from the agreement
  • Provide essential information on the activities of your licensees/partners
  • Provide settlement strategies and negotiation

Examination defense and strategy

  • Assist licensees in preparing for and responding to licensor compliance examinations

Financial due diligence

  • Provide consultation on acquisitions or sales of intellectual properties
  • Provide consultation on debt financing and or securitizing intellectual properties
  • Perform financial due diligence

Litigation support

  • Perform financial investigations strategy consulting
  • Prepare damage calculations in connection with royalty, franchise fee, and/or profit participation disputes; litigation; infringements; and piracy
  • Prepare expert witness reports and provide expert witness testimony

License management and royalty systems

  • Consult and assist with the design and implementation of licensing management and royalty preparation systems and related controls, procedures, and processes
  • Review vendor products and support
  • Prepare royalty statements


  • Perform contract enhancement reviews and negotiations for both licensors and licensees
  • Review royalty systems, procedures, processes, and controls

Vendor cost examinations

  • Examine phone bills, overnight shipping services, real estate escalations, and other overhead expenses





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