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2015 Doing Business in the United States
October 1, 2014
Doing business in an international context can be daunting. WeiserMazars serves as a bridge between the United States and the global markets, making doing business easier and less risky for our clients. We connect overseas clients with American professionals and service the tax, transaction services and financial reporting needs of foreign entities based in the U.S.

2014 U.S. Water Industry Outlook

June 26, 2014
Two years ago we issued the inaugural WeiserMazars’ U.S. Water Industry Outlook in an effort to contribute to recognition of the water industry as an important sector – a factor we strongly believe is critical to addressing its challenges. Today, the water industry faces many of the same obstacles, particularly aging infrastructure and capital needs. Learn more in our 2014 U.S. Water Industry Outlook.

2014 WeiserMazars LLP Food & Beverage Industry Study
May 28, 2014
To assist Food & Beverage industry decision-makers, WeiserMazars in conjunction with The Food Institute, AFI and Stagnito Business Information, is pleased to present our second annual Food & Beverage Industry Study. This study offers benchmarks against which to assess 2013 performance, insights into potential drivers for the industry in 2014, and best practices to stay ahead of the competition.

Other Recent WeiserMazars Surveys and Whitepapers

Health Care Deals in the Wake of the Affordable Care Act
May 21, 2014
The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA) has led to a transformation in the healthcare industry. Private Equity firms and investors are wasting no time seeking ways to profit from this burgeoning economy and private equity spending on healthcare has continued to increase since 2012. If spending keeps pace with the first quarter of 2014, the healthcare industry is set to see an investment record of almost $175 billion in private equity capital.

FATCA Compliance: The Clock is Ticking for P&C Companies
April - October 2014
FATCA was enacted by Congress and signed into law in response to headlines describing wealthy Americans hiding assets in offshore financial institutions in order to avoid paying taxes on the income generated by those assets. But the clock is ticking for Property and Casualty insurance carriers, who must address FATCA compliance and reporting issues in 2014. Click here for more information and updates on FATCA.

WeiserMazars Food and Beverage Study 2013
December 19, 2013
WeiserMazars along with the Food Institute, Association of Food Industries and Stagnito Media are currently conducting the 2013 Food & Beverage Industry Study. Preliminary findings from early participants can be found here, based on data from 35 food and beverage businesses.

WeiserMazars 2013 Insurance Information Technology
December 2013
The WeiserMazars 2013 Insurance Information Technology
Leadership Study explores the ways in which today’s Insurance CIOs are dealing with industry challenges. This study gives us the opportunity to share the lessons from leading insurance companies and provide insight into how the industry is dealing with the rapid rate of technology and business change in today’s marketplace.

Media Barometer 2013 - 2nd Edition
December 4, 2013
There is perhaps no other industry that has seen as much change over the past two decades as the media sector. The advent of digital media, social media, user-produced content, and mobile platforms has revolutionized the way the sector operates. Our analysis is focused around three key financial benchmarks – revenue, profitability and cash – drawing comparisons between key media subsectors and between the US and Europe. Throughout the barometer we have also provided insight into the major risk factors affecting media companies today. What does the future hold? Read our study to find out.

The Good Bank - Global Report 2013
October 9, 2013
Over the past six months, WeiserMazars, along with Mazars Group and co-sponsors Credit Suisse and SAP, has actively promoted the Good Bank Initiative, an integrated program devised by The Economist Intelligence Unit with the goal of creating a model for an effective, trustworthy and innovative bank. This report contributes to global thinking on what makes a socially engaged bank a successful business and asks the critical question: What does it take to be a Good Bank? Social engagement and profitability are key aspects. Regulation, risk tolerance and economic growth play interconnected roles.

The report includes the results of a live webcast debate, online discussion and research featuring the contributions of senior banking executives and financial services experts from around the globe.

WeiserMazars Water Industry Outlook Survey
October 8, 2013 
Please accept our invitation to participate in the second annual WeiserMazars Water Industry Outlook Survey. We are seeking the views of leaders and decision makers in the water industry. With your help, we will define industry trends and build a knowledge base of the challenges and opportunities, infrastructure financing measures and other factors that are critical in shaping the future of the water industry.

Health Care Spending and Investment Opportunities on the Rise
April 16, 2013 by Ira Gottlieb
The U.S. Health Care system is on the cusp of change, due to new technology, the growth of the middle class, and an increased expectation of quality health care. The result has been a rush among private equity firms to bring health care information and technology to consumers, leaving investors with ample investment opportunity in the sector.

Consulting Services Client Case Studies & Anticipated Trends and Solutions
April 16, 2013 by WeiserMazars Consulting Group
Conditions in the 2013 Insurance industry are significantly changed from those of the past. Existing companies are adding geographies and deploying innovative products, new companies are entering the market, regulation is increasing, and shareholders want larger top-line growth with lower expense ratios. And yet, many companies are using decades-old legacy systems and financial processes that require too much manual labor.  The following case studies of recent work by WeiserMazars Consulting demonstrate that the environment is rich with solutions if you work with the right people.

WeiserMazars 2012 Food & Beverage Industry Study
February 20, 2013
To assist Food & Beverage industry decision-makers, we are happy to present the WeiserMazars 2012 Food & Beverage Industry Study, which examines the trends, performance, plans, and challenges of companies in the food and beverage industry. A joint effort of WeiserMazars and The Food Institute, the study offers benchmarks against which to assess 2012 performance, insights into potential drivers for the industry in 2013, and best practices to stay ahead of the competition.

WeiserMazars' First Annual U.S. Water Industry Outlook Survey
November 19, 2012
We recently announced the release of our first annual U.S. Water Industry Outlook survey. Participants were asked to predict the future of the industry - 71% of respondents expect significant consolidation in the next five years through acquisitions of smaller utilities by larger investor owned utilities.

WeiserMazars 2012 Insurance Finance Leadership Study
November 8, 2012 by WeiserMazars Financial Services Consulting Group
The WeiserMazars 2012 Insurance Finance Leadership Study is here! This year, we discovered a number of interesting trends including a correlation between the approach to information technology investment and high Return on Capital among our respondents.

Tread With Care When Investing in the Retail Sector
April 24, 2012 by Pierre-Marie Lagnaud
The retail industry may seem like a good place to invest, with sales increasing steadily since their prior recession lows. However, the complexity brought on unique industry factors provides a risky and challenging environment for inexperienced investors.

WeiserMazars 2011 Insurance Finance Leadership Study
August 15, 2011
WeiserMazars’ 2011 Insurance Finance Leadership Study was designed to address key areas of interest, including operational efficiency, regulatory preparedness, and the position of Finance within the overall organization.

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