For more than a half century, WeiserMazars has served the shipping industry. Because our clients operate both domestically and offshore, we are well-versed in the various international treaties and are able to advise our clients accordingly.

Our services cover a broad spectrum and include:

  • Preparation of audited and non-audited (compilation and review) financial statements
  • Preparation of federal, state, and local tax returns
  • Form 5471 (U.S. owners of controlled foreign corporation)
  • Form 5472 (transactions between foreign owners of U.S. entities)
  • Form 1120F (U.S. freight tax), taking into consideration treaty and non-treaty (exchange of notes) positions
  • Tax advisory and consultation services
  • Structuring of companies, both foreign and domestic (limited liability companies, joint ventures, etc.)
  • Audits of foreign vessel owning companies
  • Domestic and foreign management /shipping agencies
  • Planning for public offerings
  • Consulting with regard to:
  • Related party and transfer pricing issues
  • Sub-part F issues
  • Bond issues
  • Corporate inversions
  • Offshore trusts   





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Lawrence Bardavid
Lawrence Bardavid 
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