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The WeiserMazars Not for Profit Group is a dedicated team of professionals with years of hands-on experience in addressing the unique accounting, auditing and business issues that affect tax exempt organizations. We assist organizations ranging from small, neighborhood not-for-profits to multi-million dollar complex organizations serving thousands of individuals, many of which receive Federal and State funds.

We understand that tax exempt organizations struggle to fulfill their missions in the face of limited resources and a lack of funding. We provide deep experience in a cost-efficient manner, ensuring continuous partner involvement and value-added service that promotes better business practices.

Our audits open a window on your operational procedures, internal controls, and financial strengths and we go beyond meeting basic compliance requirements by including, as necessary, risk assessment studies, board presentations on current financial issues, guidance to meet the disclosure requirements of IRS form 990, and planning on time-sensitive matters such as 403(b) compliance, to minimize unrelated business income tax. We are also deeply knowledgeable on government auditing standards and the audits required for various cost reports, including the CFR, AHCF, CHHA, and LTHHCP.

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Sectors We Serve
Social Service Organizations
Public and Private Charities
Health Care Organizations
Associations/Labor Organizations
Higher Education Institutions
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