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For years, investment partnerships and investment funds have been under tremendous competitive pressure to increase rate of returns, reduce expenses, and provide special investment opportunities, all in an environment where complexity, rapid changes, and regulatory concerns impact the current and emerging issues managers of hedge funds and investment partnerships deal with on an ongoing basis.

WeiserMazars Financial Services Group provides services to some 80 hedge funds and strategic advice to the managers of hedge funds and investment partnerships, regarding:

  • Proper tax structure
  • Auditing of funds, including offshore funds
  • Partnership tax preparation and compliance
  • Entity choice
  • Offshore entities
  • Limited partnerships
  • Limited liability companies
  • Regulations
  • Anti-money Laundering Act
  • USA Patriot Act
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • Compliance
  • Partner economic and tax allocations
  • Tax reporting
  • Proper domicile of entity
  • Form 1042 preparation
  • Portfolio reporting
  • Record keeping
  • Consulting with regard to agreed-upon procedures and special reports
  • Registered Investment Advisory analyses
  • Regulation D requirements
  • Cheap stock issues
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Security exchange expertise






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