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Power generation and delivery in the 21st Century will most certainly be a significant challenge in the United States. Clearly the absence of a defined energy policy will foster uncertainty that most likely will have a vital role in determining how the capital markets allocate resources. Add to the mix all the components that impact the carbon footprint and it is evident that there are plenty of opportunities for the entrepreneur to exploit. Solar, wind, bio-fuels, waste to energy, carbon capture, sensing technologies and water purification represent the future vision of environmental solutions. At WeiserMazars, we embrace these technologies. We are a founding co-sponsor of the New Jersey Technology Council’s Enviro/Energy Industry Network. In addition, WeiserMazars adopted a Green Initiative in 2007 and we continue to measure our green efforts and their impact on a regular basis.

The Energy & Utilities sector is an emerging industry and on the frontier of its life cycle. As such, the challenges encountered by early stage enterprises can be unique and require a proactive approach in their resolution. As an entrepreneur, your focus must be on establishing the entity vision, developing and building your business model, evaluating the parameters of your marketplace, capital raising activities, and monetizing your asset base via generating revenues as early as possible. WeiserMazars combines thought leadership with extensive business experience to guide entrepreneurs towards greater growth and profitability.

In addition to our core deliverables of accounting, audit and tax compliance we offer the following services:

Tax Strategies

    • Evaluation of entity structures
    • Analysis of allowable tax credits and other tax incentives
    • Evaluation of alternatives involving compensation plans
    • Assistance with SREC applications
    • International tax planning and structuring including Form 5471

Advisory Services

    • Assistance with business plan development and evaluation
    • Cash flow projections
    • Back office services
    • Analysis of complex capital structures and derivative instruments
    • Strategic analysis to monetize asset classes
    • Review and evaluate Limited Partnership, Joint Venture, and Power Purchase
    • Agreements
    • Provide industry insights
    • Evaluation of capital market trends
    • Access to the investor community
    • Due diligence support and M&A advisory

Oil and Gas

The history of the oil and gas industry is one of constant change created by price fluctuations, shifting environmental considerations, mergers and acquisitions, and the ongoing evolution of extraction technology. Despite the industry’s maturity, maintaining sustained growth is a major concern and can only be achieved through forward thinking, the identification of risk and shrewd investment in people and more closely integrated, innovative technology.

Our team is educated in the industry’s history and its current economic and operating environment. We understand the complex challenges your business faces and can provide practical advice and solutions that give you an advantage.

We can help you effectively plan for the future with a range of services including:

  • Cost-Benefit analysis of the implementation of new technology
  • Analysis of tax implications and credits available to you at both a federal and state level
  • Analysis and obtainment of financing and investment vehicles
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Implementation and monitoring of controls to decrease costs or to sustain cost efficiencies
  • Compliance with regulatory and reporting requirements (Audit Services and Review Services)
  • Implementation of a corporate governance framework
  • Internal audit services




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