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Oil & gas companies are under constant pressure. They must address pricing volatility, hedge structures, meet regulatory and tax compliance requirements, capital investments, and mitigate storage and aging workforce issues – all while adapting to an unclear energy future. WeiserMazars understands the energy sector’s challenges and is strategically positioned to help you overcome them.

The cyclical nature of the industry drives uncertainty in the energy landscape for all organizations –upstream, mid-stream, and downstream.  New technologies have created an imbalance in supply and demand, forcing companies to look for immediate ways to maintain profitability and longer term means to address potential permanent changes in the industry.  This requires a holistic approach to developing solutions tailored to each company.  

We specialize in helping organizations identify the near and long term challenges they may face.  Then, we work with them to create a strategy and implementation plan that will allow them to remain resilient, nimble and responsive in times of volatility. We excel in assisting management in evaluating the impacts of decisions based on current economic and geo-political conditions.

Through our many established relationships in the industry, we have seen firsthand that every company will be impacted differently.  And. because we listen to our clients, we are able to leverage our extensive energy experience to craft solutions specific to your risk management, financial management, and operational efficiency needs.  

Our comprehensive audit, tax and advisory services clearly position us to address a wide variety of issues for our clients, both domestically and internationally. 

Our Services

Attest Services:

  • Accounting
  • Audit
  • Joint venture cost and revenue allocation 
  • Pensions, retirement plans and employee benefits planning and compliance

Tax Services:

  • Transfer pricing 
  • Tax preparation and compliance
  • Tax planning and structuring
  • International tax planning
  • Royalty tax

Consulting Services:

Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC)

  • Enterprise risk management
  • Internal audit co-sourcing and outsourcing
  • Internal control assessment, design, and implementation
  • Joint Interest Billing Statement Review
  • Regulatory compliance

Information Technology

  • Cybersecurity
  • Disaster recovery

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Business valuations
  • Debt restructuring
  • Due diligence
  • Acquisition and integration support




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Robert K. Wilson 
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