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As the leading accounting firm for the textile rental industry, WeiserMazars provides accounting, auditing, tax, profitability consulting, succession planning, and company valuation services to significant textile rental companies throughout the United States.

WeiserMazars is uniquely qualified to help textile rental companies improve operational and financial performance. We act as your business advisors and provide guidance and insight based on experience and hard data that help you become more successful.


ProfitPoint™ software allows you to determine profitability by account (PBA)

Transaction Services to the Textile Rental Industry

WeiserMazars is experienced in all areas of structuring deals, arranging financing, preparing pro formas & due diligence.

WeiserMazars Benchmarking Services

WeiserMazars benchmarking data is compiled specifically for laundry operators looking to identify areas for business improvement.

WeiserMazars Independent Operator Groups

Our Profit Groups offer textile rental operators a forum through which they can compare best business practices in order to improve operations.






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