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January 2014 will see major provisions of health care reform implemented under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. All aspects of the health care delivery system will need to be substantially transformed in under a year. As the paradigm shifts from procedure-based to value-based, Managed Care approaches will become essential.

As a leading change facilitator in this era of sweeping health care reform, WeiserMazars provides a full-service consulting offering to health care providers of all types. Through strategic acquisitions of Creative Health Concepts Group & pmpm Consulting, we have gained a dedicated team of professionals highly specialized in providing managed care related services to payers, providers and private equity firms. With over 30 years of experience in serving the health care industry, we offer a wide range of high-performance solutions for both government and commercial clients. Our services include:
  • Network development
  • Contract negotiations
  • Credentialing of physicians, ancillary services
  • ACO development
  • Executive search
  • Out-sourced managed care services
  • Building turn-key payer networks
  • Reimbursement claims across health care product lines
  • Reimbursement methodologies/capitation fee for service
  • Private equity offerings
  • Payer and provider quality improvement, HEDIS scoring
  • Assessment Surveys & Audits
  • Actuarial Certifications on IBNR
  • Line of Business Audits
  • Strategic Corporate Marketing & Promotion
  • Readiness Assessments
  • Preventative or Anticipatory Services
  • Claims Audits
  • Financial Oversight
  • Provider Credentialing

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