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Our top priority is to deliver consistent Five-Star client service with independence, objectivity and integrity. We offer full service solutions with a high degree of personal attention, and believe that strong relationships are built by ensuring that clients are satisfied with their service experience. We emphasize ongoing, to-the-point communication, teamwork and listening to client. By learning the details of our clients’ businesses, we are able to deliver top quality work in the most efficient manner.

We maintain this focus on client service through a tone-at-the-top approach – our executives “walk the walk,” demonstrating our firm values. They promote a friendly, team-centered, supportive environment internal initiatives and our mentoring program. The success of our culture of openness and teamwork is demonstrated by our high client retention rate and our low turnover rate, which is significantly less than the industry norm.

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We surveyed 1,000 WeiserMazars clients and found that more than 95% of our clients feel our overall work quality is very good or excellent...


We offer full service solutions with a high degree of personal attention, and believe that strong relationships are built by ensuring an excellent service experience...



Diversity at WeiserMazars

As professional accountants and advisors, WeiserMazars knows that a diverse investment portfolio is the best way to protect your assets. In our business, our people are our most important asset. It is critical to diversify.

WeiserMazars fosters a diverse workplace in which all members of our team can thrive. Seeking to hire and promote women and minority employees benefits both our company and our clients. Having a range of viewpoints approaching a problem gives us better insight in overcoming challenges and a deeper understanding of our clients’ needs. Diverse teams create innovation and lateral problem-solving. 

WeiserMazars’ inclusive culture ensures that talented people of any background can rise to the top. Through management commitment, individual action and our many initiatives like the WeiserMazars Women’s Network and our mentoring program, we guarantee that all of our members have room to grow. We want to attract and retain the best people, period. In order to give our clients the best service possible and because we value the aspects of our employees that make them unique. A diverse workplace is Exactly Right – for our employees, our clients and our firm.  


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Victor Wahba
Victor Wahba
Chief Executive Officer
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